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Emerging Considerations

If you are facing Covid-19 related claims, or unrelated claims where the effects of Covid-19 on business need to be considered, we appreciate that coverage is going to be an early decision many insurers will consider in determining whether or how policies might respond.  However, with political pressure emerging in various countries, insurers may also want to evaluate the potential quantum of exposures in different scenarios.  The dollars at stake must raise the potential for disputes and litigation to ensue.

Whether you need assistance examining specific claims, or a portfolio of risks, our experts are fully equipped to bring you solutions:

  1. Understanding of how to project the results of a business especially in uncertain times, in scenarios that match your view on coverage.
  2. Isolation of losses between those caused by specific covered causes, the impact of government orders, general economic downturn due to Covid-19 or supplier / customer issues etc.
  3. Appreciation of the potential to evaluate if ‘make-up’ sales might need to be considered if business is deferred.
  4. Thorough understanding of the costs that are likely to continue and those that will be saved.
  5. Detailed knowledge of how government stimulus packages might offset ongoing costs or possible losses to the business.
  6. Independence and a proven track record as reliable expert witnesses if claims cannot be settled without a dispute.

If you would like to confidentially discuss an issue you are facing, please feel welcome to contact us at cat365@mdd.com.

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