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Tianjin Explosions – MDD Availability

On 12 August 2015, multiple explosions devastated the port city of Tianjin, causing substantial damages to the area.

As a global firm, we have more than 200 forensic accountants with vast experience in handling Catastrophes.  We have forensic accountants that are fluent in Mandarin in Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo that are available to assist immediately in measuring Business Interruption losses, Contingent Business Interruption losses, Increases in Costs of Working/Extra Expenses and Stock Losses.

Insurers have already notified us on several instructions related to the blast and we look forward to helping at your earliest request.

For further information regarding MDD’s capacity, please contact Norman Kwan (East Asia), Phillip Taylor (Asia Pacific), Choe Zhou (Asia Pacific) or Flemming Jensen (UK).

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