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Captive Insurance

Companies that use a Captive program as part of their risk transfer strategy in managing their insurance needs can look to MDD to assist in the various management, measurement and reporting needs they face.

As a global firm dedicated solely to the practice of forensic accounting, MDD is uniquely positioned to assist Captives with matters that will help them effectively manage both before and following losses.

captive insurance

As a member of the Captive’s trusted team, MDD can assist the Captive before a loss occurs by:

  • Providing pre-loss modeling and exposure analysis
  • Developing aggregate reporting and tracking mechanisms
  • Creating mock-loss scenarios to understand the potential loss values under varying circumstances and issues to consider in the event of a loss
  • Producing loss measurement templates and tools for lower-value high-frequency losses that require appropriate documentation
  • Building and managing customized tools such as portals and dashboards for future claims

When an event occurs, and the Captive needs assistance with the claim, they can count on MDD for:

  • Accurate business interruption and extra expense loss measurement
  • Identifying loss impacts and financial analysis of potential mitigation strategies
  • Producing the appropriate reports and supporting loss measurements for both internal and external purposes
  • Management and delivery of regular status reports and aggregate reporting
  • Assisting with property damage audits, including document management, categorizing and verifying supporting invoices, and costing information
  • Working with industry experts such as adjusters, contractors, engineers, and other specialists
  • Providing expert and consulting witness testimony if needed

With offices on five continents and experience in more than 800 industries, Captives can rely on MDD Forensic Accountants to help them navigate a multitude of loss scenarios.

To learn more about MDD’s ability to assist Captive organizations, contact the experts at MDD Forensic Accountants today.

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