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Toxic Tort

Toxic tort litigation can present unique challenges for litigants.  As science and medical research become more sophisticated, the legal process and the basis for determining damages in these matters continue to evolve.  For this reason, it’s essential to be aware of the latest standards and the most recent opinions on what constitutes reasonable damages.

At MDD, we have decades of experience in the area of toxic torts and understand the unique challenges that these cases present.

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Our team of forensic accounting experts can assist clients in the fair distribution of financial damages awarded in toxic tort cases. This includes situations where the damages are being paid to an individual who suffered an injury due to exposure to toxic chemicals as well as instances where damages are being paid to a deceased’s family because the injury resulted in death.

We offer these forensic accounting services for matters related to toxic tort claims:

  • Identifying relevant sources of evidence to assist the court in understanding the underlying drivers of the damage claim
  • Ensuring the claimed damages are directly related to the cause of action and that they are supported and fall within the agreed-upon timeline
  • Reviewing the coverage block and guaranteeing the underlying payments
  • Determining whether the payment allocation is in compliance with the policy
  • Working with counsel to create alternative distributions and project future “burn rates”
  • Reviewing indemnity and expense payments

For assistance with your toxic tort claims, hire MDD.

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