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Prepared For Disasters
This Storm Season

Best Practices

We're taking our best practices and putting them to work for us during this storm season.

Global Travel

We're prepared to travel when necessary.

Global Reach

An unmatched global reach means that we can quickly deploy the CAT team closest to the disaster.

Our Expertise

Rely on MDD's 45 offices on 5 continents plus our expertise in 800+ industries and 35+ languages.

Full Range of Services for Claims

We can help with the most complex claims down to straightforward losses.

Count on Us

When a disaster occurs, count on MDD to do what we've always done...

Back to Business

... Work with you to quantify claims so your clients can get back to business.

CAT365 - MDD's Global Resource For Disaster Related Events

CAT365 helps insurers like you quickly find information and insights about global disasters. Click here to register.

Cat365 is now available as an app – search for ‘MDD’ on Google Play or the Apple App Store to download.


For COVID-19, you can find the following on CAT365:

  • Global statistical data
  • Historical pandemic information
  • Government resources
  • Details of government stimulus packages
  • Travel restrictions
  • Industry impact by country and region
  • Key news articles
  • Business resources
  • Live social media coverage
  • MDD articles and information

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