The Importance of Expertise & Objectivity in Forensic Accounting

At many of our recent MDD events including our annual Business Interruption Panel in London, colleagues and clients were discussing the topic of forensic accounting services and the different companies that are now providing them.

As the subject has come to the forefront recently, we at MDD believe our clients have every right to know what we think separates the options available to them and why we believe it’s so important to work with a firm like ours.

Our Role as Forensic Accountants

At MDD, we are independent to all parties involved in each engagement and have been affirmed as objective and independent Professional Accounting experts in courts around the world. As a professional accounting firm, MDD is governed by strict confidentiality and ethical rules that dictate our conduct throughout every assignment. At MDD, our independence from the other parties involved in insurance based engagements ensures that our findings represent an unbiased expert opinion that our clients can objectively rely on. Our reports and opinions are prepared so that they will standup to the scrutiny of cross examination should the matter proceed to court.

As an example of the trust clients have placed in MDD, governmental and international organizations such as the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation and the United Nations (who also have highly qualified forensic accountants on staff) have hired MDD specifically because of our ability to uncover the facts and report our findings in an unbiased manner.

MDD’s Expertise & Commitment to Objectivity

MDD has been in the business of independently and objectively calculating the economic damage of losses or disputes since 1933.  It is important that your forensic accounting experts are focused on this key service area versus simply being another segment of a larger organization.  At MDD, we have focused on developing expertise and, as such, we don’t dabble in areas outside of our core forensic accounting practice.  MDD partners, whom are the key stakeholders of the firm, have literally spent decades becoming experts in all major practice areas.  Our 275 professionals collectively speak over 30 different languages, have experience covering 800 industries and hold 18 different accounting and other professional designations, including those that focus on valuations, forensics and fraud.

No matter the size or number of events occurring at any one time, MDD has unparalleled resources and experience to deploy throughout the globe.

Our team at MDD is expansive both in terms of numbers of professional staff and the qualifications that they have spent their career building, all to offer the right expert for each and every engagement.  MDD does not deploy a small number of individuals to manage a diverse caseload with a myriad of complexities; instead, we’re a global professional organization that has provided highly specialized services to insurers, law firms and corporations for more than 80 years.

MDD’s Core Values include a constant drive for excellence and world-class client service.  As stakeholders in our firm, all of our professional staff are provided with the highest level of training to ensure they have the appropriate skills to deliver on our Core Values daily.  Our dedication to consistent quality control across the globe ensures that our clients receive the excellence they have learned to expect on all assignments, large or small.

This unmatched skill set and independent approach has helped us become a global firm with more than 40 offices on 5 continents.  As a result, we are able to handle assignments that range from small losses at retail locations to multi-billion dollar engagements, all with the appropriate resources assigned to provide exceptional expertise and value to our clients.

What This All Means for Our Clients

For all of us at MDD, it is never about the size or frequency of assignments from any one client.  Instead, it’s about remaining true to two core principles:

  1. We will always have the right resources and knowledge on hand to ensure our clients get the information they need as soon as they need it.
  2. We will always provide objectivity and independence and have the history to demonstrate it.