Cala Mitra

Cala is a Senior Manager/Vice President at MDD Forensic Accountants’ London, Ontario office.

Experienced at damage quantification, Cala’s practice areas include fraud & investigations, business interruption, litigation, physical damages and stock & contents. She also has a solid understanding of auditing, tax and internal controls implementation and testing. 

Cala has worked on assignments in a wide variety of industries such as agriculture, automotive, manufacturing, healthcare, telecommunications, pensions and mutual funds, universities, real estate, not-for-profit and religious organizations.

She has taught and developed a curriculum for advanced audit at the University of Western Ontario’s Continuing Studies program.  She has worked with many CA students guiding, teaching and mentoring them during the CA accreditation process. Additionally, she has received specialized training related to the audit and implementation of Sarbanes-Oxley legislation within SEC registered companies and the implementation of IFRS in Canada.

Cala is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario where she received her Bachelor of Administrative and Commercial Studies.