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Catastrophe Services

Large-scale catastrophes like hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and terrorist activities can all result in major business losses. MDD can help quantify the resulting physical and economic damages.

As the world’s premier forensic accounting firm, we’ve played a vital role in catastrophe measurements such as the 9/11 terrorist attack, the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, Superstorm Sandy, the Chilean earthquake and flooding in Queensland, Thailand and Alberta.

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When a disaster occurs, we help our clients deliver prompt and effective responses to the businesses that have been affected. We mobilize a Catastrophe Services team to secure a Command Center near the affected area and remain on-site as long as required. We also set up customized systems and teams to manage claims at the regional, national and global levels.

When we’re hired to quantify losses resulting from a catastrophe, our catastrophe services team can:

  • Initiate rapid, function-specific solutions
  • Deploy an experienced catastrophe services team including disaster-specific partners
  • Implement claims databases to track open and closed files as well as loss reserves
  • Assist in observing physical inventories
  • Work with and support the efforts of the entire Adjustment Team
  • Monitor the progress of reconstruction projects
  • Establish loss accounting protocols
  • Create document management and retention assistance programs
  • Expedite initial loss assessments for advanced payments
  • Supply ongoing periodic status reports and financial analysis
  • Handle and measure thousands of smaller claims
  • Expert and consulting witness testimony when needed

For a rapid assessment of economic damages when disaster strikes, hire MDD.

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