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Once you’ve determined there’s an actionable liability by a third party, you must present the facts in a clear and concise manner. To do this, you need to fully understand the operational causes and effects of the incident, as well as the direct financial impact on the businesses involved.

As the world’s premier forensic accounting firm, MDD has a wealth of experience assisting clients with subrogation matters.

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When dealing with everything from a defective part provided by a manufacturer to faulty wiring by a subcontractor, we’ll conduct a comprehensive financial investigation and catalogue losses. Our professionals can also assist during the discovery process and serve as expert or consulting witnesses.

MDD offers these services to our clients who are dealing with a subrogation matter:

  • Investigate and gather all information to reasonably assess physical damages
  • Catalogue inventory losses
  • Explore and record changes in market share that occurred due to the incident
  • Calculate all actual and potential lost profits
  • Review, analyze and verify extra expense claims
  • Present required documents as reports, graphs and/or charts
  • Supply recommendations for interrogatories
  • Provide discovery questions for financial witnesses

For matters related to subrogation, hire MDD.

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