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Lost Profits

Lost income or profits can occur due to many factors, including accidental damage, negligence, product liability, fraud, contractual disputes, and unstable market conditions.  When a third party suffers financial losses which an insured party is liable for, the quantification of those losses can be complex.  Extracting the right information from that third party can be challenging.

Having MDD in your corner can help ensure you have a reasonable and fully supportable measurement of any resulting damages.

lost profits

In addition to keeping you informed with regular updates, schedules, and reports, we work with you to create detailed checklists and documentation requests to ensure we have everything we need to value the event’s impact accurately and allow everyone to get back to business.

Our statistical and economic models help determine the value of the business loss and identify and measure the impact of any mitigating activities.

When lost profits occur, we can provide:

  • Detailed reviews of operational and financial records
  • Analysis of industry data to determine the effect on profit related to the interruption
  • Comparison of pre-loss projected performance versus actual performance
  • Exploration of non-loss-related events and conditions to assess the impact
  • Interviewing of management, suppliers, and customers to obtain the right supporting data
  • Collaboration with other experts
  • Expert and consulting witness testimony

For assistance measuring lost profits claims, hire MDD.

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