Bankruptcy & Receivership Accounting Services

Bankruptcy & Receivership Accounting Services


Bankruptcy & Receivership Accounting Services

Our experts at MDD have worked on bankruptcy related matters and have a reputation for accuracy, timeliness and thoroughness. We have over 80 years of forensic accounting experience in accounting, finance, tax and administration services. Our professionals are well credentialed including CPAs, CFEs, CFFs, LL.M, CVAs, CPCUs, PFSs and JDs.



Bankruptcy Accounting & Administration Services

Trustees and attorneys must deal with uncommon and technically challenging series of legal and regulatory events. Whether trustees are representing a company or an individual’s estate in bankruptcy, MDD can provide successful support. MDD can help trustees and others through sometimes difficult, time-consuming and complex accounting, compliance and tax issues, including:

  • Forensic accounting issues connected with Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 filings
  • Provide assistance with appeals and litigation investigations
  • Confirmation and tracing of assets
  • Confirmation of liabilities
  • Analysis of pre-filing sources and uses of cash
  • Accounting, record keeping and financial reporting as needed
  • Collect assets belonging to the estate
  • Manage trust assets, including cash management
  • Pay debts and taxes required by the estate
  • Distribute trust assets
  • Assist in receivership duties as needed
  • Preparation of periodic compliance reports
  • Develop and prepare specific reports on an as-needed basis
  • Work with turnaround consultants
  • Provide expert reports and testimony regarding financial and tax issues

Our Bankruptcy & Receivership Services


  • Accounting to aid trustees and receivers
  • Capitalization
  • Fee examination
  • Custodian
  • DIP financing assistance
  • Reporting and compliance to the courts
  • Statement and schedule preparation
  • Valuation


  • Aid in tax appeals
  • Collections
  • Assist in criminal tax investigations
  • Provide assistance with tax audits, appeals, and litigation investigations

Litigation & Forensic Accounting

  • Damage assessments
  • Due Diligence
  • Expert witness and testimony
  • Forensic accounting investigations
  • Fraud examinations
  • Identification of fraudulent and preferential transfers and payments
  • Internal investigations

Bankruptcy Support

  • Pre-bankruptcy, bankruptcy and liquidation issues
  • Cash flow models / cost controls
  • Emergency accounting
  • Liquidations – fair market values
  • Solvency opinions and reporting for the courts
  • Transaction support
  • Workout plans

Our Trustee Services

  • Asset recovery
  • Asset liquidation
  • Disbursing agent
  • Real estate sales
  • Securing assets
  • Lease reviews

Asset Management

  • Claims analysis, management and resolution
  • Construction accounting and management
  • Aid with third-party coverage claims

Please note – not all services are offered in all jurisdictions.




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