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National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)

Authorized NFIP adjusters and examiners can call on MDD when they need a forensic accounting professional who can quantify stock & contents for NFIP claims. Our forensic accounting experts have worked on countless flood related catastrophes in the U.S. and are uniquely qualified to assist NFIP adjusters and their claimants.

environmental damage claims

Adjusters may need to hire a forensic accountant if they encounter the following issues:

  • Minimal, lost or insufficient records
  • Inventory reports lacking itemized details
  • Inventory claims at retail selling price
  • Inventory containing used, refurbished or consignment goods
  • Damaged stock comingled with good stock
  • Presence of property not owned by claimant
  • Non-traditional methods of acquiring merchandise
  • Multiple floods at the same location

When we’re retained to assist with flood insurance  claims, we mobilize our professionals so they can:

  • Perform price tests on sample items to determine original or replacement cost
  • Conduct a roll-forward analysis of all stock transactions up to the dates of loss and of post-loss stock counts
  • Perform cut-off tests at pre-loss and loss dates to determine stock received and dispersed
  • Verify original purchase dates and replacement dates of business personal property (including stock)
  • Cross-check current claims against previous claims
  • Work in conjunction with inventory companies, salvage and other experts
  • Perform site visits
  • Verify ownership of business personal property
  • Conduct test counts to verify reasonableness of stock levels
  • Oversee, perform or supervise stock counts

For assistance with claims arising out of National Flood Insurance Program coverage, call on the forensic accountants at MDD.

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