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Sports, Entertainment & the Arts

Sport, entertainment and the arts are not only part of our social and cultural fabric, they strongly contribute to our world economy and bring various localities, regions and nations together on the basis of common interests.  They are industries that involve tremendous amounts of manpower and high levels of investment; and industries where economic losses can occur due to unforeseen events. Economic damage quantification can sometimes be difficult to perform due to outdated paper documentation, tax and labor issues and other factors such as complicated budgeting procedures.

Sports, Entertaiment & the Arts Forensic Accounting Services

MDD is an internationally respected forensic accounting firm with significant experience assisting insurance adjusters, underwriters, brokers, lawyers, film studios, concert promoters and others. Our international presence –  with over 40 offices on 5 continents – allows us to choose the staff and resources that best fit the needs of any particular assignment, regardless of its size.

Our highly skilled professionals have been involved in all types of losses from small TV and film downtime claims to large multimillion-dollar production losses, event cancellations, relocations or postponements. We also have extensive experience in quantifying personal injury losses in these industries.

MDD’s experts are highly knowledgeable about the various policy coverages and wording that apply to these industries and maintain the highest level of confidentiality. In addition, our experts understand budget procedures, tax issues, tax credits and how production works – and deliver accurate, credible, unbiased damage assessments every time.

Our professionals are all active members of the North American Contingency Association – and one of our professionals acts as the organization’s treasurer.

MDD can provide expert witness testimony as well as litigation support – such as report writing and calculations – when required. Our professionals can also advise lawyers on what questions to ask during depositions.

We provide services for the sports, entertainment and arts industries that include:

  • Measuring film production losses including the calculation of the insured downtime and extra expenses due to the death of an essential element (i.e. actor or director), injury, ailment, bereavement or kidnap
  • Calculating Broadway production losses, including loss of income/profits and extra expenses that were incurred
  • Analyzing the economic impact of concert and event interruptions, curtailments, cancellations and rescheduling
  • Utilizing industry data to determine the event’s impact on profits
  • Providing expert witness testimony and litigation support services when necessary

For accurate, credible assessments in sports, entertainment and the arts claims, hire MDD.

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