Printing, Pulp, Paper, and Wood

Printing, Pulp, Paper, and Wood


Printing, Pulp, Paper, and Wood

Technological changes, demographics, deforestation risk, and resource concerns can significantly affect the pulp and paper industry. Machinery breakdowns and other technical disruptions can strongly impact pulp and paper mills as new advances like remote mill automation occur. Although the newsprint and graphic paper segments have declined with the rise of digital print media, the industry continues to grow and shift due to the vast number of consumer and industrial packaging products and alternative paper products being established.



As a result of the many changes seen in this industry, the need to quantify damages related to business interruption, extra expense, lost profits, physical damages, liability losses, stock & contents, personal injury, and wrongful death can be numerous.

MDD has quantified economic damages for pulp and paper mills, newsprint mills, paperboard mills, and manufacturing facilities related to alternative paper products. We have also been retained on files related to commercial printing, sawmills, woodworking, paper merchant wholesalers, book, periodical, newspaper merchant wholesalers, and newspaper publishers, in addition to many others.

MDD can provide expert witness testimony when needed, considering all of the factors and complexities connected to the incident in question. Our professionals also offer clients litigation support services such as written reports and other forms of documentation.

MDD provides services for the pulp and paper industry, such as:

  • Determining whether or not a loss of production translated to a loss of sales
  • Calculating lost profits, stock and contents losses, business interruption losses, and increased costs of working
  • Assessing the impact that other locations and alternative production scenarios had on sales after a planned shutdown or unplanned incident
  • Performing comparative analysis of the company’s projected performance to its actual performance before, during, and after the impacted period
  • Determining the impact inventory on hand had on the loss
  • Examining the effect other incidents or factors had on sales
  • Providing expert witness testimony and litigation support services when necessary

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