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Fidelity Claims

Quantifying losses related to fidelity claims can occur in instances of theft, collusion, defalcation or when a perpetrator has manipulated accounting records.

As one of the leading forensic accounting firms, MDD has worked with organizations around the world and we are experts at recognizing when even the best controls have been circumvented.

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Our forensic accounting professionals are skilled at determining the extent of the loss and providing expert reports that may be used for loss assessment and helping the affected parties pursue restitution.

Our forensic accounting team can provide the following types of services for issues related to fidelity claims:

  • Examining and verifying transactions to distinguish legitimate ones from those that are unsupported or even fraudulent
  • Tracing the flow of funds to quantify the extent of the loss
  • Conducting and documenting interviews with employees, key individuals and potential suspects
  • Determining the weaknesses in internal controls that led to the loss
  • Separating fraudulent transactions that may result in insured losses from those sustained by third parties
  • Integrating the financial aspects of the claim with the facts and coverage issues
  • Working cooperatively with authorities investigating matter
  • Assisting the claims department and legal counsel throughout the claims process
  • Aiding in subrogation actions
  • Preparing reports for use in civil and/or criminal proceedings
  • Expert and consulting witness testimony

For trusted assistance with the quantification of fidelity losses, hire MDD.

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