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Beyond the Fraud Triangle: Navigating Fraud Risks in Today’s Business Landscape

FRAUD. A five-letter word with consequential effects on individuals, organizations, and the economy as a whole. Fraud can be defined as an intentional act of deception in order to acquire something of value, whether it be a personal or financial gain. Fraud is a leading concern in our society as technological advancements have revolutionized the……

Natural Gas – The Past, Present and Future

There has been a significant push towards transitioning to cleaner and renewable energy sources, moving away from fossil fuels due to their environmental impact. By looking at the past, the present and the future, the question remains: can we realistically achieve a complete phase-out of fossil fuels? Why is the energy transition important? This chart……

Is Your CPA a Historian or a Trusted Advisor?

One adage that I hold true is that the direction of one’s life can be determined by the relationships that one keeps. My grandmother said it a little more plainly: “Show me your friends and I will tell you your future.” Having held roles as a CPA and a surety professional, I can attest that……

High Grade Ore And A Question Of Indemnity

When a mine suffers business interruption, the issue of high grading can come into play.  The question is whether insurers should actually benefit. Mining business interruption insurance and the principle of indemnity is no simple matter. Take the case of a mine that has a 20-year life span and a one-year interruption. It could be……

Recognition of Lost Production at a Gold Mine

With any loss measurement, we must understand how the incident impacted operations.  In mining losses, this is no different, we need to understand both mining and milling operations. So, when there is an incident at a mine, how does this impact production and where do we measure lost production?  Do we measure the loss based……

El Niño – Weather Phenomenon & Global Disruptor

What is “El Niño”? In normal conditions in the Pacific Ocean, the trade winds blow westerly along the equator, bringing warm water from around South America towards Asia. In a process known as “upwelling”, cold water from the depths of the particular body of water (thermocline) rises to replace this warm water. “El Niño” (“Little……