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helps insurance companies, independent adjustment firms, multi-national corporations, government entities and individuals calculate the true economic damage of claims or disputes. Where damages are contested our forensic accountants work with leading law firms to provide litigation support and deliver expert witness testimony in courts and arbitrations.

Current and past assignments include a variety of high-profile cases related to business disputes, catastrophes, business interruptionlost profitsbusiness valuationfraudproduct liability & recall and subrogation. Our dedicated and qualified experts have proven track records and they provide clear and concise assessments that stand up to scrutiny.

MDD is routinely retained for evaluations that require our extensive knowledge of accounting, business, operational and manufacturing processes. Regardless of the nature of the claim, adjusters, lawyers and business professionals rely on our proven expertise and keen investigative insight to help them accurately assess and resolve even the most complex and contentious matters.

In addition, we are an independent and dedicated forensic accounting practice meaning we are free of the conflicts that can present difficulties for other accounting firms. MDD’s demonstrated results in this highly specialized area of accounting has long been the hallmark of our firm. For more information, please contact any one of our offices or click here to hire MDD today.

Our global team has unparalleled resources to assist our clients with their forensic accounting needs. Hire us today.

We are…



We work as an integral part of the adjusting team while maintaining our impartiality. All involved parties have complete faith in our unbiased findings and – in the event a case doesn’t settle – we’re able to serve as credible expert witnesses.



MDD is the trusted advisor supporting our global clients in making sound financial decisions.

Work with a member of our internationally respected team today.

Find a forensic accountant.



We speak just under 40 languages and hold 18 distinct professional designations.

Many of our experts also hold additional credentials in fraud detection and valuation.

Find a forensic accountant.



Founded in 1933, our work spans more than 130 countries and 800 industries. Our clients include insurance companies, independent adjustment firms, law firms, governments, multi-national corporations, small businesses and individuals.



We remain current on which factors have the potential to impact our assessments.

Our forensic accountants are committed to presenting their findings in a concise format that clients and other experts can easily understand.



Having over 40 offices on 5 continents allows us to quickly dispatch a team to handle large losses in the event of a catastrophe.

It also means that we can be on site to meet with a client on short notice.


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The Triple Threat: Pandemic, Natural Catastrophe and Business Interruption by Marcelo Fazio

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