Who We Are

Tracing its roots back to 1933, MDD is one of the world’s top forensic accounting firms specializing in business valuations, shareholder disputes and economic damage quantification calculations. In 2024, MDD became a part of Davies.

In situations such as business disputes, natural or man-made catastrophes, business interruption, fraud or defective product recall, MDD can help by accurately determining the value of harm or injury that has been inflicted on a person or property.

We regularly work with law firms, government entities, multi-national corporations, small businesses, insurance companies and independent adjustment firms to provide independent objective assessments that enable fair and equitable settlements.

With forensic accounting professionals in over 40 offices on 5 continents, MDD has global resources to assist our clients with their forensic accounting needs. Our work spans more than 130 countries and 800 industries.

We speak over 30 languages and have highly qualified resources available at all levels who boast accounting qualifications from several international bodies, underpinned by our own regular intensive internal training. 

Our forensic accountants are exceptionally dedicated, singularly qualified experts with proven track records who provide clear and concise assessments that stand up to scrutiny.

Our partners and senior staff regularly provide extensive litigation services and expert witness testimony in courts, arbitrations and mediations throughout the world.

Work with one of the world’s top forensic accounting firms today. To speak with a member of our internationally respected team contact any one of our offices.

Insurance Day Adviser of the Year 2015
Forensic Accounting Firm of the Year
Forensic Accounting Firm of the Year Singapore
Claims Club Asia Award
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Reader Ranking