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With most construction projects there are risks of cost overruns, delays, contract disputes and even fraud. These issues can lead to a loss in profits, lost opportunities, hefty fines, a need for increased financing or even additional interest and operating expenses for the project owner. When these situations occur, the parties involved often find themselves at odds not only over liability but also over the quantification of damages.  A forensic accountant with experience quantifying construction related damages is an integral part of the investigation team.

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As the world’s premier forensic accounting firm, MDD has a wealth of expertise in assisting contractors, developers, investor groups/owners, architects, engineers and other industry professionals with claims related to construction disputes, construction defect claims, builders’ risk and surety matters.

Our forensic accountants understand construction projects and processes as well as the potential difficulties that may be encountered when things go awry.  We have quantified construction damages for a wide range of projects including schools, hospitals, office buildings, government facilities, high rises, roads and bridges and sports stadiums.  Our international presence allows us to assign the staff and resources that best fit the needs of any engagement.

MDD professionals know the litigation arena and are adept in assessing, organizing and analyzing financial document production, identifying key financial records for discovery requests and helping prepare interrogatories. We are also able to critique opposing damage expert reports, suggest questions on damage measurements for deposition and assess the financial impact of various theoretical scenarios that may affect the project critical path during alternative dispute resolution.

MDD provides construction related services such as:

  • Providing insight to bond underwriters when a contract surety bond is involved
  • Analyzing and categorizing contractor billings, job cost reports, supervisory reports, potential overruns and other relevant documentation
  • Examining bank loans and interest documentation
  • Analyzing damage components including equipment costs, increased payroll, general conditions, home-office overhead, soft costs and contractor lost profits
  • Examining construction activity logs and record logs in conjunction with project timelines / critical path
  • Performing reconciliations and pinpointing reasons for discrepancies
  • Cost modeling for various project options
  • Presenting independent findings in written reports with supporting documents
  • Providing expert testimony when necessary

For help in arriving at rapid and equitable settlements for construction claims, hire MDD.

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