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Government Services

Governments face unique challenges when confronted with litigation and investigative issues. These matters are often high profile and can set precedents for future issues. In some instances, these issues can impact voter confidence and the reputations of elected officials.

MDD has a team of specialists that provide independent, investigative and forensic accounting services to all levels of government in countries around the world. Our team has conducted financial analysis and modeling, worked on complex investigations and provided litigation support in both civil and criminal matters.

Government Services

We understand the sensitive nature of these engagements, and we perform our work with a strict adherence to confidentiality.

Below are some examples of the services our team of forensic accounting experts can provide:

  • Litigation support and expert witness testimony in criminal and civil proceedings
  • Fraud investigation
  • Asset tracing and funds analysis
  • Anti-fraud consulting, including detection and prevention
  • Electronic discovery and document review
  • Forensic data collection
  • Vendor/contractor due diligence
  • Anti-corruption compliance and investigation
  • Data analysis and visualization
  • Cost saving/process improvement audits
  • Contract recovery audits
  • Specialized training for internal auditors and investigators

For independent, credible results in high-profile government matters, hire MDD.

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