Non-Profit Organizations

Non-Profit Organizations


Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profits include non-profit organizations and registered charities and represent a multi-billion-dollar industry worldwide. Not all non-profit organizations are charities because their primary purpose is to support the organization’s mission or itself. In contrast, all registered charities are regarded as non-profits as they predominantly serve to improve the community and humanitarian efforts. Non-profits must keep diligent accounting records and ensure funds received from numerous sources are accounted for correctly.



As one of the world's top forensic accounting firms, MDD has worked on numerous engagements involving non-profit organizations and registered charities, including churches and other religious organizations, community services focusing on recreation, human services, women's clubs, and seniors societies.

Our skilled professionals have the qualifications, designations, and experience necessary to quantify non-profits’ damages accurately. They understand the various forms of documentation these entities maintain and the information required to analyze these claims.

MDD has experience providing expert witness testimony in lost profit claims and business interruption losses for non-profit organizations and registered charities. We have also provided litigation support involving financial conditions, fraud, and fund accounting discrepancies.

When retained, MDD can help with the following:

  • Quantifying the disputed amount or financial loss for matters related to issues ranging from cyber-attacks and pandemics to business disputes
  • Measuring the economic impact of insured losses
  • Performing objective business valuations
  • Conducting forensic investigations to trace assets and financial transactions in instances of fraud
  • Measuring losses that occurred as a result of fraudulent acts
  • Measuring losses that occurred as a result of physical damages
  • Providing expert witness testimony and litigation support services when necessary

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