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Contingency Claims & Entertainment Claims

Quantifying losses for contingency/entertainment matters requires specialized expertise. That’s why those who need assistance in this area turn to MDD, the world’s premier forensic accounting firm.

Our experts have measured economic damages related to actors being injured, DVDs missing critical release dates, concerts being cancelled, rescheduled or disrupted and Broadway shutting down or being interrupted.

contingency claims

We also quantify damages resulting from profit participation disputes, relocations and destruction of studio property, as well as delays and reshoots caused by equipment damage.

We provide the following forensic accounting services:

  • Establishment of accounting and document management protocols and procedures
  • Review contracts and agreements that are in place
  • Monitoring and auditing of all actual expenses incurred
  • Comparison of actual expenses to planned and budgeted costs
  • Determination of lost revenue, where applicable
  • Identification of potential mitigating factors and associated expenses
  • Isolation of non-loss-related factors that may have contributed to additional expenses
  • Testing and measurement to determine the extent of extra expenses and any saved or non-continuing expenses
  • Review of daily call sheets and production reports to determine and measure the impact of the loss (when a loss results in a delay in filming)
  • Examination of second-unit shooting schedules to determine if any lost shooting time can be otherwise accommodated
  • Status report documentation and regular meetings with other professionals
  • Communication of findings
  • Report writing and providing supporting schedules
  • Expert and consulting witness testimony

For help quantifying losses related to contingency/entertainment matters, hire MDD.

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