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The world’s population is growing – and aging – placing an increasing reliance on the healthcare industry. That is why healthcare is one of the fastest-growing sectors. However, a multitude of issues can arise in a healthcare related business including business disputes, business interruptions, cyber-criminal activity, fidelity claims, fraud, stock & contents claims and business valuation matters. These are just some of the issues those working in the healthcare profession face on a daily basis.

Healthcare Industry Forensic Accounting Experts

MDD has extensive experience assisting a wide range of healthcare practitioners and specialists. As one of the world’s top forensic accounting firms, we have worked on numerous engagements involving hospitals, emergency centers, doctors’ and dentists’ offices, medical clinics, nursing homes, pharmacies, ambulance services, medical equipment suppliers and home health care services.

Our skilled professionals have the qualifications and designations that are necessary to accurately quantify damages in the healthcare industry. Many of our partners and staff members have unique qualifications such as ABVs, CFEs, CVAs or MAFFs. What’s more, they understand the various forms of documentation generated by healthcare businesses and are knowledgeable about government laws and regulations, contractual reimbursement rates/methods, advancements in medical technology, competition and issues such as physician shortages.

MDD has a wealth of experience providing expert witness testimony in lost profit claims and business interruption losses for the healthcare industry. We have also provided litigation support for healthcare matters involving financial condition and billing discrepancies.

MDD provides healthcare services such as:

  • Quantifying the disputed amount or financial loss for matters related to healthcare issues ranging from cyber-attacks and pandemics to business disputes
  • Measuring economic impact of insured losses
  • Performing objective business valuations
  • Conducting forensic investigations to trace assets and financial transactions in instances of fraud
  • Measuring losses that occurred as a result of fraudulent acts
  • Estimating the value of trade secrets or intellectual property
  • Providing expert witness testimony and litigation support services when necessary

For help in arriving at rapid and equitable settlements for healthcare claims, hire MDD.


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