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Forestry, Fishing, Hunting

The forestry, fishing and hunting sector is a wide and diverse, labour intensive sector that includes organizations involved in activities such as the growing of crops, raising and gathering of animals, the harvesting of fish from their natural habitats and the cutting, transportation and processing of timber.  It is also a sector that can be strongly impacted by machinery breakdowns, inclement weather, arson and the onset of natural disasters. Occurrences like these can result in the need to quantify damages related to business interruption, lost profits, physical damages, liability losses, stock & contents, personal injury and wrongful death and more.

Forestry, Fishing, Hunting Forensic Accounting Experts

For decades, MDD has quantified economic damages for pulp and paper mills, saw mills, re-manufacturing facilities, plywood and panel mills, integrated forestry companies, energy production and distribution organizations and fishing and hunting operations. Our experienced forensic accountants have solid knowledge of the competition, complex upstream and downstream integration, selling prices, the role of intercompany transfer pricing and the economic consequences of significant outages. What’s more they are aware of the impact of under insurance and how rebates are used in the sector.

When required, MDD can provide expert witness testimony as well as other forms of litigation support – such as expert reports and documentation – to our clients.

MDD provides a wide range of services for the forestry, fishing and hunting sector that include:

  • Quantifying disputed amounts or financial losses
  • Analyzing historical, industry data to determine the effect on profit related to the interruption
  • Estimating the economic value of an owner’s interest in the business
  • Fraud investigations and the measurement of losses on matters that include employee dishonesty
  • Assessing the value of trade secrets or intellectual property
  • Providing expert witness testimony

For rapid and accurate damage quantification assessments for forestry, fishing and hunting related claims, hire MDD.

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