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Cyber Risks

Cyber attacks are occurring more frequently and they can have a significant impact on a business. They can cause financial losses, impact the company’s reputation in the marketplace, and potentially, lead to litigation.

MDD has assisted numerous clients in the growing area of cyber risk. As the world’s premier forensic accounting firm, we have teams in the U.S., Canada, UK, Latin America and Asia that are available to immediately respond when a cyber risk related issue occurs.

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Our teams will review and analyze expenses that may be required to repair or replace equipment that was damaged in the breach.  Additionally, these experts will determine what costs pertain to improvements that will be required to enhance systems or plug vulnerability.

Our professionals are skilled at sifting through vast volumes of data to identify any losses that might have occurred. These experts are up-to-date on the latest information and cyber risk policies and procedures.

In instances when disputes result in litigation, MDD can provide expert witness testimony that will stand up to the scrutiny of cross-examination.

We offer cyber risk services such as:

  • Participating in discussions that may be initiated within hours of the breach
  • Identifying, segregating and classifying any expenses related to the attack
  • Determining what geographic regions have been affected by the incident
  • Reviewing the company’s operational and financial records
  • Analyzing industry data such as historical buying habits to determine/measure the effect of the breach on profits
  • Comparing the company’s projected performance to its actual performance before, during and after the attack
  • Examining non-loss-related events and conditions that may have impacted actual sales during the period in question
  • Expert and witness testimony if necessary

For help in arriving at rapid and equitable settlements for cyber risk related claims, hire MDD.


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