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An agricultural loss can occur if production is affected as the result of a fire, contamination, mortality, faulty growing media or a natural peril such as a drought or flood. However, these production outages don’t always result in lost sales and, as a result, can be difficult to measure.

MDD has assisted numerous clients within the agricultural sector to arrive at fair and reasonable outcomes for businesses that have suffered a loss of profit.

agriculture losses

MDD has experience that spans all types of farming including dairy, crops and livestock. Our experts have the skills to identify instances where the business may have been able to mitigate its losses by relocating surviving livestock, purchasing from alternative sources, outsourcing or relying on subsidiaries to compensate for the loss. We can also determine whether or not increasing production capacity when the agricultural business resumes its normal operations may help to minimize losses.

MDD’s experienced professionals can help you accurately assess economic damages that were incurred by agricultural operations as a result of unforeseen events. We will:

  • Review the company’s operational and financial records
  • Interview key management, staff, suppliers, industry experts and customers
  • Analyze industry data to determine the effect on profits
  • Evaluate the company’s projected performance to its actual performance before, during and after the impacted period
  • Perform market and competitor analyses
  • Examine non-loss-related events and conditions that may have impacted actual sales during the impacted period
  • Determine whether any aspects of the business can mitigate some of the loss
  • Calculate damages solely attributable to the incident
  • Provide expert reports and witness testimony if necessary

Finally, we provide clients with regular updates and accurate, objective reports that are not only comprehensive but easy to understand.

For help in arriving at rapid and equitable damage quantification for agricultural related claims, hire MDD.

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