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Natural Catastrophe Insurance Coverage in Asia: An Overview

Natural Catastrophes in Asia In 2021, Asia was the most severely impacted region, experiencing 40.00% of all disaster events, 49.00% of total deaths, 66.00% of the total number of people affected and 18.90% of all natural catastrophe economic losses worldwide [1].  In 2022, Asia experienced some of the most destructive disasters, comprising 21.80% of global……

Property Damage and Derechos

On 29th June 2023, a rare type of storm called a “derecho” swept across the Midwest region of the United States, mostly impacting the states of Missouri, Illinois and Iowa. The derecho began as a rotating supercell thunderstorm that spawned a tornado and then stretched across the Midwest, producing large hail, severe thunderstorms, and damaging……

Variable Mining Costs – How Should They Be Treated?

Variable expenses: one would consider this to be one of the easier aspects in the analysis of a mining claim; however, that is far from the truth.  When it comes to mining losses, the determination of which costs are considered variable and which are fixed may not always be as straightforward as it would appear,……

The Effect of Volatility on Power Generation Business Interruption Losses

It is clear to the casual observer that many aspects of the economy are facing volatility. Fuel, energy, labor, shipping – all have experienced unprecedented shortages and price increases because of a myriad of conditions. The Russia-Ukraine war, Covid-19, inflation, supply chain issues and environmental concerns have all contributed to this volatility. This volatility has……

How to Tackle Employee Fraud

Picture this, you, CFO, are sitting at your desk when an anonymous letter arrives alleging that employee X has been committing fraud against your company.  Your first thoughts might be disbelief, anger and betrayal.  You may question your relationship with this person that you have known and worked with for years.  You may question yourself……

Upstream Oil and Gas Losses

In this briefing, we discuss various considerations in upstream oil and gas production losses, and in particular how rates of production depend on the type of well.  We also discuss what the shift to horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing means for calculating losses in the future and its other implications. Measuring Lost Production Calculating an……