A Day In The Life Of A Forensic Accountant

  • Date05 June, 2024
  • Author Bhurima Tienwuttinun
  • Location APAC

Bhurima Tienwuttinun, ACMA, CGMA, Director at Matson Driscoll & Damico (Thailand) Co. Ltd recently shared with FutureCFO audiences what a typical day is like for a forensic accountant and her passion for teaching.

FutureCFO: What does a typical day look like for you?

Bhurima Tienwuttinun (BT): A typical day in my role as a forensic accountant specialising in insurance loss quantification, quantum expert services of evaluating economic damages in litigation and arbitration cases, and fraud investigation is multifaceted and dynamic.

A work day involves analysing information pertinent to ongoing cases, examining financial records meticulously, and conducting thorough calculations to assess damages accurately.

Interactions with various stakeholders such as adjusters, insurers, and lawyers are integral aspects of my day. These engagements often involve clarifying financial intricacies, discussing case developments, and resolving claims. In addition, drafting comprehensive reports detailing our findings and recommendations is a crucial part of the process.

Each day is different and presents new challenges and opportunities for me to apply my expertise in financial analysis and forensic accounting to support clients’ interests effectively.

FutureCFO: What excites you the most in your work?

BT: What excites me the most in my work is the opportunity to forge meaningful relationships. Making tangible progress in each claim and leading the growth of our insurance and legal practice in Thailand give me a sense of accomplishment and reinforce the significance of our contributions to the field.

In addition, guiding clients through the complexity of numbers to resolve their claims and enable them to recover and return to their businesses brings me immense satisfaction.

Equally meaningful and fulfilling are nurturing and developing talents within our team as well as fostering a culture of continuous learning, personal and professional growth.

Collaborating with academia allows me to stay current with emerging trends, which enriches my own practice and enhances my ability to serve clients effectively.

FutureCFO: Can you share an experience which was key to your professional growth?

BT: A pivotal experience that significantly contributed to my professional growth was the opportunity to spearhead the expansion of our Thailand operation, in which we expanded our relationships in the insurance industry, grew our legal practice from the ground up, gained trust and support from clients over the years, and bolster our presence in the market.

Equally impactful was the privilege to work under the guidance of remarkable partners who served as mentors and sources of inspiration. Their unwavering commitment to excellence—coupled with their ability to cultivate a supportive and empowering work environment—challenged me to continually strive for improvement and exceed my own expectations.

Their mentorship not only enhanced my technical skills but also instilled in me invaluable leadership qualities and a deep sense of responsibility towards our clients and team.

In terms of my CGMA designation, it has been instrumental in elevating my career to an international level, significantly enhancing my credibility and the trust clients place in my expertise.

The recognition that comes with the CGMA designation also reassures clients of my professional competence and dedication to excellence.

With professional knowledge and the designation, I am equipped to navigate the complex financial landscapes to deliver exceptional service, provide robust work and products of highest global standards, and stand up confidently in court and arbitration settings.

FutureCFO: Is there anything outside work—such as a travel experience, a book, participation in a sport event or any volunteering experience—that serves as an important inspiration to your work or life? Can you tell us more about it?

BT: An experience that profoundly inspires me is serving as a guest lecturer at Thammasat university, where I teach and promote forensic accounting to the younger generation, foster a passion for the field among future professionals, and nurture talent within the industry.

I find it incredibly rewarding and inspiring to engage with students who are eager to learn about forensic accounting and witness their enthusiasm for uncovering financial truths.

Collaborating with academia also allows me to stay current with emerging trends, which enriches my own practice and enhances my ability to serve clients effectively.

First published for FutureCFO.