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Forensic Accounting Articles
Forensic Accounting Articles
Forensic Accounting Articles
Forensic Accounting Articles

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  • What to Do When Disaster Strikes & You Can’t Access Financial Documents

    Swiss Re’s website sigma-explorer.com noted insured losses for 170 natural catastrophes and 105 man-made disasters in 2021 alone. While almost... Leggi tutto »

  • The ABCs of Cryptocurrency and Non-Fungible Tokens (“NFTs”)

    Bitcoin. Ethereum. Litecoin. Dogecoin. NFTs. While they may seem like buzzwords or fads, cryptocurrencies or digital assets are experiencing a... Leggi tutto »

  • Calculating the Effects of a Natural Disaster

    The Allianz Risk Barometer 2022 reported that natural catastrophes are now the third-highest global business risk, while climate change has... Leggi tutto »

  • ESG Disputes and Business Valuation

    Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) factors have gained increasing importance in recent years as society has become more aware of... Leggi tutto »

  • Role of a Forensic Accountant in Divorce

    During the course of matrimonial disputes, there are often situations where solicitors and their clients find it helpful to engage... Leggi tutto »

  • The Global Energy Crisis

    As the Ukrainian conflict unfolds, Europe’s energy dependence on Russia becomes an increasingly critical bargaining tool. The economic sanctions imposed... Leggi tutto »

  • Peloton Recall of Tread+ and CPSC Reach in Protecting Consumer Safety

    The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) in the US works with standards organisations, manufacturers, and companies to develop voluntary safety... Leggi tutto »

  • LAT RECONSIDERATION Decision – Foster and Aviva re: CERB Benefits

    If you read our article on the original decision for Foster and Aviva related to the deductibility of the Canadian... Leggi tutto »

  • What Happened to Jet Fuel During Covid-19?

    The main types of jet fuels used by airlines are Jet A-1, Jet A and Jet B. Jet A is... Leggi tutto »

  • LAT Decision – Foster and Aviva re: CERB Benefits

    There has been concern over the impact or the proper treatment of the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (“CERB”) and Canadian... Leggi tutto »

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