MDD Catastrophe Services

2016 Catastrophe Bulletin

MDD stands ready to support the industry,  offering the following catastrophe service capabilities.



  • MDD Catastrophe Team coordinators are available 24 hours a day.
  • Established and trained Catastrophe Team able to engage quickly.
  • Streamlined process with online claims notification.


  • Global geographical spread, over 275 professional staff in offices across 5 continents.
  • Multilingual staff, speaking over 30 foreign languages.
  • Ability to mobilize quickly and implement continuity of staff on each and every assignment, leading to cases being closed quickly and cost effectively.
  • Trained and qualified professional staff able to discuss technical issues with their counterparts.
cat experience

CAT Experience

  • Experience with unique catastrophe loss measurement issues, such as wide area damage issues.
  • Hands-on catastrophe experience, as demonstrated following hurricane Katrina and hurricane Rita, the earthquakes in Latin America, New Zealand and Japan, the Thai floods, Superstorm Sandy and more recently the Fort McMurray wildfires in Canada.
  • Tried and tested approach allowing efficient management of catastrophe claims.
technical capbility

Technical Capability

  • In-depth industry experience across all types of industries affected by catastrophes.
  • Ability to extract and analyse financial and operating information, allowing loss quantum to be quickly and accurately ascertained.
  • Comprehensive and insightful advice, focusing on key quantum issues.
cost monitoering

Cost Monitoring

  • Considerable experience supporting the adjustment team on mega-loss property damage reinstatement as well as providing cost control and cost monitoring services.
  • Ability to commit considerable cost-effective resources on an ongoing basis for cost monitoring or physical inventory/stock reconciliation engagements.


  • Innovative billing structures enabling you to better manage your budget – resources can be arranged on a cost-per-hour, not-to-exceed, or flat-fee basis.
  • Ability to provide significant resources at short notice helping to expedite loss settlement – for example, for low value service interruption or denial of access claims.
  • Versatile resources – we have quantum evaluation skills across a broad range of areas that can be employed as required to monitor property damage repairs, undertake physical inventory counts, or evaluate business interruption loss.

For more information or to contact a member of the CAT team in your region, please click here.