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Power Generation – Tube Rupture To Industrial Boiler

Power Generation – Tube Rupture To Industrial Boiler

MDD was hired by Insurers to review the economic damages in relation to a tube rupture in an industrial boiler at a heat and power plant in Sweden.

The plant is owned by the local community and provides electricity, heating and biogas to the local municipality. The major components of the heat and power plant included a waste receiving and storage area, combustion and boiler facilities, flue gas treatment facilities, and residue handling and treatment facilities. Waste fuel is used to power the boiler in the plant that also feeds a steam turbine that produces electricity. As a consequence of the damage to the boiler, district heating needed to be sourced elsewhere, namely from on-site heat pumps and hot water boilers from neighbouring plants, along with increasing output of a second on site boiler.

Our role was to review the additional costs for sourcing heat elsewhere and the loss of profits from the loss of electricity and loss of waste fuel received.

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