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Production Loss on a Major Motion Picture

Production Loss on a Major Motion Picture

We were asked by an independent adjusting firm and insurers to review the economic damages claimed in relation to a production loss on a major motion picture. The production loss results from one of the lead actors being unable to participate in a pick-up shoot as a result of suffering from an illness. The insured was able to complete two of the three scheduled days in the pick-up shoot, as the lead actor was not required for these days.

We were required to analyze any savings in costs the insured would have realized as a result of this one day. The lead actor was able to return to shoot the one day required a few months later. As a result of the delay, the insured incurred additional costs to re-create the sets, prepare for the shoot and take-down/wrap the shoot afterwards. We were required to analyze the additional costs incurred as a result of the second pick-up shoot.


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