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Professional Services – Lost Profits Due to Oil Spill

Professional Services – Lost Profits Due to Oil Spill

MDD was retained by a law firm to assist in the evaluation of the claimant’s economic damages resulting from an oil spill that ruined the claimant’s leased premises and business personal property of the dental practice.

The claimant incurred lost profits resulting from the spill although a portion of their damages were mitigated with the use of their other nearby dental office, and also by renovating additional office space in a neighboring town.  The claimant incurred lost profits during the remediation period, until they were able to move back to the original leased premises several months later.

Claimed extra expenses and remediation costs were reviewed to determine the amount incurred in excess of normal costs that would have been incurred absent the occurrence, and also to avoid payment of any claimed duplicate charges associated with the business personal property damages resulting from the spill.

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