Alan Smit

Alan has worked in the accounting profession since 2000 and has specialised in Forensic Accounting since 2006. As a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, he has a concentrated focus on business interruption.

He has worked on numerous large complex mining losses and is regarded amongst his peers as one of the most technically capable forensic accountants in the industry. As a result of this distinction, Alan has played a pivotal role in quantifying some of the largest and most technically complex mining and oil & gas claims that have occurred in recent times. When needed, he has also provided expert witness testimony in court.

As a Senior Consultant, Alan continues to focus on the investigation and evaluation of complex business interruption and economic loss matters. He also works closely with appointed loss adjusters and lawyers to determine the most reasonable assessment of the loss within the policy conditions.

In addition to his business interruption specialisation, Alan is also well versed in public liability claims, economic loss calculations, fraud investigations and specialist accounting assignments.

Throughout his career, Alan has had various accounting roles, including Management Accounting in London, contracting for a global miner in Australia and having Director/Partner roles at global Forensic Accounting firms.

Alan graduated with a High Distinction Bachelor of Commerce from Curtin University and a major in Accounting and Corporate Administration. Upon completing his professional studies in London, he elected to go the extra step of earning the ACCA designation.