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Mining Claims/Refining Claims

Mining plays an integral role in all our lives, providing the raw materials that are essential to so many products and services. However, mining comes with its own unique set of legal, environmental, health and safety challenges. Operations are susceptible to all kinds of risks such as equipment failures, natural disasters, third-party negligence, fires, explosions and other operational hazards.

Given the global spread of the major mining companies’ operations, the resulting damages and losses can affect the operations of many facilities, both upstream and downstream.

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MDD’s forensic accounting professionals have the knowledge and expertise required to help our clients resolve the onerous and often complicated issues that surround these types of events.

We offer a wide range of mining and refining damage quantification services that include:

  • Detailed review of the company’s operational, financial and management reporting records
  • Interviewing key management and operations staff
  • Comparing forecasted operations to actual during the period of interruption and following
  • Determining the impact of environmental, market, employee relations and other influences on expected operating results
  • Considering non-loss related operating conditions and events that may have impacted operations during the loss and recovery period
  • Communicating the progress and results of the analysis in a clear and timely manner
  • Expert and consulting witness testimony

To ensure your complex loss is measured accurately, hire the mining loss experts at MDD.

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