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Environmental Damage Claims

In environmental damage claims, there can be issues involving government compliance. In addition, multiple parties may be involved or a significant portion of the costs associated with the claim may relate to expected or future remediation measures or costs. That’s why so many organizations turn to MDD for assistance with environmental damages matters.

environmental damage claims

As the world’s premier forensic accounting firm, we have experts that employ an investigative, independent approach to produce detailed, accurate assessments and reports that are easy to follow and stand up to scrutiny.

When needed, our experts are also very accustomed to working with specialists from other disciplines.

We can perform the following types of services:

  • Verification and reconciliation of claims calculations
  • Review of claims methodology and approach
  • Review of support documentation
  • Review of public company and industry disclosures
  • Differentiation between normal and remediation costs
  • Preparation of calculations and reports for negotiation or trial purposes
  • Expert and consulting witness testimony

For assistance in environmental damage claims, hire MDD.

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