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Loss of Income – Train Derailment

Loss of Income – Train Derailment

Our firm was engaged to assess the income losses for a plaintiff resulting from injuries sustained from a train derailment.  The plaintiff’s claimed income loss over a multi-year period was in excess of $30 million.

Our involvement included the review and assessment of the plaintiff’s personal income tax returns, bank account information and corporate tax documents. As the plaintiff filed both Canadian and Polish tax returns, our assessment required an understanding of the Polish tax regime that was in effect during the period of loss, since the Polish economy had transitioned out of Communism in the early 1990s.

We reviewed the evidence provided by the plaintiff in order to ascertain his pre-accident income and verify what was reported on his personal and corporate tax returns filed in Poland.  We determined that the plaintiff’s claimed income levels were unsupported.  The plaintiff’s action was dismissed by the Court due to insufficient evidence.

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