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Prescription and over-the-counter drugs account for a large share of overall health care spending and they represent major account items in international trade transactions conducted between developed nations. To operate successfully in the pharmaceutical industry, companies have to make substantial investments in research and development – and their discoveries need to be protected via patents and licensing. What’s more, companies have to perform pre-market trials and satisfy government efficacy and safety requirement before a pharmaceutical product may be launched. Despite all the precautions, situations can arise that result in negative consequences. Companies may face threats posed by the introduction of generic drug alternatives and they may even have to respond to negative consumer reactions that have occurred due to unanticipated side effects. In circumstances like these, it may be necessary to assess losses that have occurred.

Pharmaceutical Industry Forensic Accounting Experts

As the world’s premier forensic accounting firm, MDD has the global experience and expertise clients need to quantify damages in pharmaceutical matters. Our professionals understand the product development cycle, unique terminology and business processes that exist in this highly specialized industry and are aware of the unique challenges involved in measuring insurable losses.

When required, MDD can provide expert witness testimony. Our understanding and command of pharmaceutical industry dynamics allows us to deliver credible testimony that stands up to the scrutiny of cross-examination. We also provide litigation support services to clients such as loss documentation and expert report writing for mediations and depositions.

MDD provides services for the pharmaceutical industry such as:

  • Determining the extent to which a product liability or government recall situation contributed to a loss of sales
  • Calculating lost profits, stock and contents losses, business interruption losses and increased costs of working
  • Assessing losses related to intellectual property or fraud issues
  • Performing comparative analysis of the company’s projected performance to its actual performance before, during and after the impacted period
  • Estimating the losses that incurred due to the production of counterfeit, replacement or generic drugs
  • Providing expert witness testimony and litigation support services when necessary

For help in arriving at rapid and equitable settlements for pharmaceutical claims, hire MDD.

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