Francis Gagne

Francis is a Senior Manager/Vice President at MDD Forensic Accountants’ Montreal office. He first joined the firm’s Vancouver office in 2007 as a Staff Accountant.

With over 15 years of forensic accounting experience, Francis’ expertise includes economic damage quantification for matters related to business income losses, stock and content losses, product liability and recall, commercial disputes, and catastrophe services.

He has worked on assignments across Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and South East Asia. He has been involved in engagements that span various industries, including hospitality, manufacturing, retail, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and construction.

Francis has qualified as an expert witness and has provided testimony in the Superior Court of Quebec.

He is proficient in English and French and has conducted numerous seminars and workshops on the quantification of insurance losses in Quebec.

Francis graduated from Bishop’s University, receiving a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Accounting & Finance. He also holds a Chartered Professional Accountant Designation and is Certified in Financial Forensics.

Pascal Labrosse

Pascal started as a Senior Accountant at MDD Forensic Accountants’ Montreal office in 2019. He is currently a Manager at the firm.

Pascal’s practice specializes in quantifying economic damages related to business interruption, cyber risks, extra expenses/increased costs, fraud & investigations, litigation support, and lost profits.

His industry experience includes agriculture, automotive, food services, financial services,  manufacturing and assembly, commercial rental properties, hotels and resorts, restaurants, retail and wholesale, and professional services. He has also been active in the catastrophe services area, quantifying economic damages that occurred due to Hurricanes lota and Eta.

Pascal is fluent in French and completed his Bachelor of Business Administration and Diploma of Higher Specialized Studies, Accounting, both from HEC Montreal.

Roman Prytula

Roman joined MDD Forensic Accountants’ Calgary office in 2015 as a Staff Accountant. He is currently a Manager at the firm’s Calgary office.

Roman’s practice area expertise includes business interruption, energy, extra expenses, litigation, lost profits, mining & refining, oil & gas and power generation. He has also been active in the catastrophe services area, quantifying economic damages that occurred as a result of the 2016 Fort McMurray wildfires.

Roman has handled assignments across a wide range of industries including commercial rental properties, food manufacturing, forest products industries, hospital & health care facilities, hotels & resorts, manufacturing, medical & dental practices, oil & gas, transmission & distribution and retail & wholesale.

He is fluent in English, Ukrainian and Russian and proficient in Danish and French and is a graduate of Aarhus University with a Master of Science, Finance and International Business and Kyiv National Economic University with a Bachelor of International Economics.

Yvonne Kitkarska

Yvonne joined MDD Forensic Accountants’ Montreal office in 2014 as a Staff Accountant. She is now a Senior Manager/Vice President at the firm. Yvonne is proficient in English, French and Bulgarian.

Yvonne specializes in the areas of business valuation, economic loss quantification, and investigative accounting. She has worked on matters across Canada and in the United States, Europe, and South America.

Yvonne has prepared economic loss quantification reports involving intellectual property infringement, professional negligence, breach of contract, physical damage, and personal injury. She has completed numerous assignments involving first-party and third-party insurance coverage. Yvonne is one of MDD’s cyber insurance practice leaders and has completed multiple engagements related to lost profits resulting from cyber incidents.

Yvonne has provided business valuation reports in various contexts, including contractual and shareholder disputes, share purchase disputes and representations and warranties claims, physical damage, and defamation.

She has conducted financial investigations in shareholder disputes and has also investigated numerous employee thefts.

Yvonne has worked across various industries, including retail, wholesale, forestry, metal, pharmaceutical, agriculture and livestock, non-for-profit, commercial real estate, construction, food manufacturing, hotels and resorts, medical and dental practices, restaurants, and marketing agencies.

Yvonne has presented seminars and workshops on the topics of lost profits and business interruption losses resulting from physical damage and cyber incidents.

Yvonne earned her Bachelor of Commerce with a double major in Finance and Accounting with Distinction from Concordia University. She also holds the professional designations of Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and Chartered Business Valuator (CBV).

Samuel Dorie

Samuel joined MDD’s London office in 2012.  In 2018 he relocated to open the firm’s Paris office where he is now a Director, having been tasked with the expansion of our company into local markets in Europe.

He has been involved in cases extending to interruption losses in excess of £100 million as well as providing advisory services on pre-loss scenarios.

Sam has worked on a variety of business interruption claims including loss of profit, advanced loss of profits, extra expenses/ increased costs, physical damages, product liability & recall, reported insurance values and stock and contents losses.  He has also gained considerable experience in the firm’s litigation, fraud and subrogation support practices as well as within audits of insurance and reinsurance portfolios.

His industry experience includes aviation, automotive, agriculture, food & beverages, financial services, hospitality, entertainment, luxury goods, media & advertising, industrial manufacturing, oil & gas, petrochemical, pharmaceuticals, power generation, professional services and transportation.

He is also a key speaker on topics related to principles of business interruption. He also launched our Paris BI Academy initiative, presenting to a variety of stakeholders within the French and Spanish risk and insurance industry.

As a British and French native, Samuel is fluent in French, English and Spanish with basic knowledge of Portuguese.

Sam graduated from Aston University with a Bsc (Hons) degree in International Business Studies and Modern Languages and is in the process of becoming a qualified management accountant in both France and the UK, and completing a Master’s in Business and Administration.

Katharina Wilson

Katharina joined MDD’s London office in 2009 and is now a Senior Manager at the firm.

Kat specialises in the quantification of damages relating to business interruption, extra expenses/increased costs, fraud, litigation, stock & contents and subrogation.

She has worked across a wide range of industries including power generation and distribution, transportation, chemical manufacturing and telecommunications. Kat gained valuable experience in the area of catastrophe services when she spent over a year in Thailand handling flood related claims with values of up to $200 million.

Kat has experience preparing expert witness reports and has presented on matters relating to power generation and business interruption principles.

Kat is fluent in German and Polish and is also proficient in French. She has a German Diploma in International Management from the University of Applied Sciences in Hof in Germany.

Edward Secchi

Edward joined MDD’s London office in 2010. He is now a Director and works out of the firm’s Dubai office.

Edward has gained extensive experience in matters related to business interruption, lost profits, loss of earnings, extra expenses/increased costs, product liability & recall, physical damages, stock & contents and fraud.

Edward also has considerable catastrophe services experience having worked on losses stemming from the 2010 Chilean and 2012 Italian national catastrophes that involved many complex issues including production versus sales losses, mitigation / make up and other measurement considerations.

His industry experience includes work in the automotive industry, aviation, aquafarming, construction, manufacturing, retail, oil & gas, power generation, hospitality & tourism, food services, pharmaceutical, pulp & paper and publishing.

Edward has been involved in cases that have varied widely in complexity and value, ranging from several hundred thousand pounds to losses in excess of £100 million.

Edward has prepared and presented at various seminars and training sessions on a variety of topics including business interruption measurement issues, stock loss issues, issues resulting from a delay in start-up and others in the UK, France, Italy and Spain.

Edward is a native Italian, is fluent in French and is proficient in Spanish and Portuguese.

He graduated from Edinburgh Napier University with a BA (Hons) degree in Business Studies with Finance.

Ephraim Stulberg

Ephraim specializes in the areas of business valuation, economic loss quantification and investigative accounting. He has provided expert evidence in court and at arbitration. He has worked on matters across Canada, as well as the United States, Europe, South America, the Middle East and Asia.

Ephraim has prepared economic loss quantification reports involving intellectual property infringement, professional negligence, breach of contract, physical damage and personal injury. He has completed numerous assignments involving first-party and third-party insurance coverage and leads MDD Canada’s cyber insurance loss group.

Ephraim has provided business valuation reports in a variety of contexts, including contractual and shareholder disputes, expropriation, physical damage, matrimonial disputes, income tax reporting, corporate reorganizations, bankruptcy, as well as in the negotiated purchase and sale of companies or shares.

Ephraim has conducted financial investigations in the context of partnership and shareholder disputes and estate disputes and has also investigated numerous employee thefts.

Ephraim has experience in a wide variety of industries, including oil and gas, construction, power generation, computer software, franchising, manufacturing, real estate, media/communications, professional services and medical supplies/healthcare.

Ephraim is a frequent contributor to various financial and legal publications. He has published numerous pieces in Lawyers Weekly, Lawyer’s Daily and Law Times, and has authored or co-authored numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals, including the CICBV’s Journal of Business Valuation, the American Bar Association’s Franchise Law Journal, and the Canadian Intellectual Property Review. He received an award from the Ontario Bar Association in 2014 for one of his publications. He is a past member of the CICBV’s Publications and Research Committee. He was named the CICBV’s “Communicator of the Year” in 2019.

Ephraim has delivered presentations for the Ontario Bar Association, the Canadian Franchise Association, the Canadian Defence Lawyers, the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada, the Toronto Intellectual Property Group, the Ontario Expropriation Association, the CBV Institute, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, as well as to various individual law firms and corporations in Ontario, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

CFA Member

Paul Isaac

Paul is a Partner with MDD Forensic Accountants’ in London, England.  He joined the London office in 1999, moving to Asia in 2004 to establish the firm’s Singapore office before returning to MDD London three years later.

Paul has extensive experience in litigation support services, providing witness testimony at the High Court and at international arbitration.  He is a member of the Academy of Experts (MAE) and Expert Witness Institute (MEWI) and has prepared numerous expert reports on a wide range of insurance-related matters and commercial disputes ranging from a few hundred thousand pounds to those in excess of £150 million.

Paul’s forensic accounting practice focuses on product liability & recall, business valuation, fidelity, lost profits, increased costs of working and stock & contents matters.  He has dealt with retail and manufacturing losses encompassing a wide range of industries including automotive, chemicals, biofuels, publishing, hotels, luxury goods, pulp and paper, glass manufacture and metals.

Paul has significant experience in the catastrophe service areas including the 2004 Tsunami, 2007 UK floods, 2011 Thai floods, 2011 Japanese earthquake, 2015 Tianjin explosion and the 2017 Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria.

Paul has conducted seminars and training sessions in a number of countries on various technical forensic accounting topics.  Paul is a former President of the London Business Interruption Association, responsible for educating the UK market in all things BI.  He is also a French-speaker and oversees the firms office and growing forensic accounting practice in France.

He graduated from Kingston University in England with a Masters degree in Accounting and Finance and Aston University with a Bachelor of Science degree in International Business and Modern Languages (French).

Andreea Ilie

Andreea began her career with MDD’s London office almost 15 years ago. She moved to Singapore in 2007 to help the continued growth of MDD’s first Asia-Pacific location and is now a Partner at the firm.

She has significant experience evaluating the impact of catastrophes throughout the world, and most notably, is known for her in-depth knowledge of the claims process in Southeast Asia.

Fluent in French and Romanian, Andreea assists her clients by quantifying damages related to business interruption, contingent business interruption, extra expenses, stock losses, fraud investigation, and many other practice areas, with a particular interest in the Energy sector.

Andreea concentrates on quantifying economic damages for matters related to business interruption and stock & contents. Additionally, she has significant catastrophe services experience gained while evaluating the impact of Hurricane Ivan, the Christchurch earthquakes and the Thailand floods.

Andreea has provided litigation support services and has assisted in the preparation of expert witness reports.

She has presented seminars and training sessions to organizations such as the Malaysian Insurance Institute and Singapore Insurance Institute .

Andreea has a Master of Business Administration degree and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.

Marguerite Hart

Marguerite joined MDD Forensic Accountants in 2007. She is a Partner at the firm’s Pittsburgh office.

Marguerite specializes in applying forensic accounting techniques for damage analysis and valuations. An accountant for over 25 years, she focuses on the quantification of damages resulting from business interruption, cyber risks, fidelity claims, fraud and investigations, liability losses and personal injury & wrongful death. In addition, she has been active in the area of catastrophe services.

Marguerite works on complex losses throughout the U.S. as well as internationally. Her experience spans a wide range of industries such as automotive, aviation, bio-fuels, hospitality, manufacturing, maritime, medical, oil and gas, power generation, professional services, steel and technology.

She serves as a consultant for litigation matters and has been recognized as an expert in state and federal courts as well as alternative dispute settings. She works extensively with counsel through all phases of the litigation process, from discovery though expert testimony.

Marguerite is a dual national (France and U.S.), fluent in French and English and has a working knowledge of Spanish.

Phillip Taylor

Phillip joined MDD Forensic Accountants’ London, England office in 1994. Three years later, he left to work for the London Stock Exchange and subsequently the Financial Services Authority, investigating potential breaches of the Listing Rules. He rejoined MDD in 2001 and relocated in 2003 to open and manage the firm’s Singapore office.

Throughout his career at MDD, Phillip has specialized in the areas of lost profits, material damage, fidelity claims, fraud, product liability and recall damages caused by arson and crisis management.

Phillip has vast experience in catastrophe services. He worked on claims following Typhoon Maemi, the Asian tsunami, the Queensland flooding, the Christchurch earthquakes, The Great Tohoku Japan Earthquake and the 2011 Thailand flooding.

Fluent in both English and French, with a basic understanding of Spanish and Italian, Phillip has been appointed to assignments across Europe and North America as well as over twenty countries in the Asia Pacific region.

His industry experience includes oil and gas, petrochemicals, power generation, mining, manufacturing across numerous sectors, transportation, publishing, financial services, retail & wholesale and leisure & entertainment.

Phillip has been engaged on numerous occasions to provide expert witness reports for arbitrations and courts around the world and has participated in several mediations.

He has conducted seminars and training sessions on a variety of topics including business interruption measurement, crisis management, product contamination and business interruption valuation to claims managers, underwriters, loss adjusters and lawyers.

Phillip has a joint degree (French and English) in European Business Administration from Centre d’Etudes Supérieures Européennes de Management (Reims) and Middlesex University (London).  He is also a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and is a Certified Fraud Examiner.