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Power Generation

The construction of power generation plants is expected to increase around the world over the next twenty years due to rising demand, aging facilities and tougher environmental emissions standards.

The challenges this industry faces in operating these facilities, developing new technology for cleaner and renewable power and updating existing generating facilities and transmission infrastructures will create risks faced by few others.

power generation loss

Our extensive experience measuring loss and damage in this unique and challenging industry encompasses a wide range of operations, facilities and situations. We have quantified damages across virtually all types of hydro-electric facilities, renewable power sources such as solar and wind and thermal plants including coal, natural gas, nuclear, bio-mass, waste, diesel and co-generation.

When our clients ask us to quantify a power generation loss, we can perform the following types of services:

  • Review operational, financial and management reporting records
  • Interview key management, sales and operations staff
  • Review criteria, assumptions and methodology used for forecasting generation
  • Compare forecasted generation to actual during the period prior to, during and following the loss period
  • Consider the impact of non-loss related factors such as weather, environment and market prices
  • Determine the impact of unrelated operating conditions and events revenues during the loss period
  • Communicate the progress and results of the analysis in a clear and timely manner
  • Expert and consulting witness testimony

For an accurate, credible assessment of a power generation related loss, hire MDD.

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