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Forensic Accounting Articles
Forensic Accounting Articles
Forensic Accounting Articles
Forensic Accounting Articles




  • Claim Considerations Related to the Beirut Port Explosion – Part 2

    On 17 October 2019 large numbers of protesters began appearing in Martyrs Square, Nejmeh Square, and Hamra Street, as well... Read More »

  • Claim Considerations Related to the Beirut Port Explosion – Part 1

    In this two-part series, our Dubai partner, Daniel Thorpe, writes about the claim considerations related to the Beirut port explosion... Read More »

  • Is the Perfect Storm Brewing?

    Insurers around the globe currently have their attention firmly fixed on addressing the enormity of client claims relating to COVID-19... Read More »

  • COVID-19’s Impact On Business Valuation

    This is the second blog post co-authored by MDW Law Partner, Christine Doucet, and MDD Forensic Accountants Partner, Jarrett Reaume,... Read More »

  • Guideline Income for Business Owners in the Wake of COVID-19

    Business owners don’t need an economist to tell them how dramatically their profits have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. ... Read More »

  • Is Kylie Jenner a Billionaire, or Even Close? Part III

    I hope this will be the final installment in this series, but one never knows. Back in the summer of... Read More »

  • Tax Planning Opportunities In the Wake of COVID-19

    Life is full of second chances. During this time of global economic uncertainty and (hopefully temporary) depressed company valuations, Canadian... Read More »

  • Fraud in the time of COVID-19: Proactive steps to mitigate fraud risk

    As the markets react to each update on COVID-19, a quote from Warren Buffet has seen increased circulation: “Only when... Read More »

  • A Forensic Accounting Review of the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy

    On April 11, 2020, Parliament passed Bill C-14, also known as COVID-19 Emergency Response Act, No. 2.  The main item... Read More »

  • COVID-19: A Forensic Accountant’s Perspective on How Coverage Issues Could Impact Quantification

    The current outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) was first reported from Wuhan, China, on 31 December 2019. According to the... Read More »

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