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Forensic Accounting Articles
Forensic Accounting Articles
Forensic Accounting Articles
Forensic Accounting Articles




  • What Triggered the UK Energy Market Crisis and What is the Impact on BI Insurance Claims?

    The UK’s energy wholesale markets have reached new highs, with daily average electricity prices rising above GBP 150 per MWh... Read More »

  • Introduction to the Oil & Gas Value Chain

    The Oil and Gas industry in the insurance market is usually categorised between Onshore/Onshore or Upstream/Downstream. It includes a chain... Read More »

  • Quantifying Economic Losses from Cyber Events

    Next to “you’re on mute”, perhaps one of the most common phrases of this past year has been “don’t click... Read More »

  • MDD London’s Top Takeaways from 2020

    2020 was an abysmal year for most of us. Any plans we may have had, both personally and professionally, were... Read More »

  • Business Interruption Losses and Natural Catastrophes

    Business Interruption risk was the top ranked risk for the sixth year in a row according to The Allianz Risk... Read More »

  • The Varying Effects of a La Niña Cycle on Business Interruption Claims

    Earlier this month, Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology announced that the current La Niña conditions would likely continue over the coming... Read More »

  • Business Interruption Measurement Considerations in a COVID-19 World

    Although hurricane season doesn’t normally conclude until November 30th, we have already exhausted the modern English alphabet in terms of... Read More »

  • The Triple Threat: Pandemic, Natural Catastrophe and Business Interruption

    Calculating business interruption losses following a natural catastrophe (“CAT”) has always been as much of an art as a science,... Read More »

  • Best Practice in Claims Management: Large and Complex Business Interruption Losses

    Business Interruption (“BI”) has hit the headlines in the Middle East possibly more than ever this year, with disputed claims... Read More »

  • COVID-19 and Fraud Claims

    COVID-19 has sent shockwaves throughout much of the insurance world. Insurance company stocks have been some of the worst performing... Read More »

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