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COVID-19 and MDD Preparedness

Dear Valued Client,

We provide to you this update regarding our ability to continue to maintain forensic accounting services on existing and new matters during this extraordinary time.

Our priorities remain as follows:

  1. Protect the health and safety of our employees, partners and their families;
  2. Do our part to help prevent the spread of the virus in the community; and
  3. Continue to provide our clients with world class service.

We will continue to monitor advice from governmental, regulatory bodies and other authoritative agencies which continues to evolve day-by-day.

Geographical Dispersion:

  • MDD operates 44 offices in five continents and has approximately 325 employees.
  • MDD is especially well positioned to deal with the COVID-19 virus due to the geographical separation of our offices and staff, and our ability to coordinate our global resources.
  • We can continue operations remotely and elsewhere even if one or many of our physical office locations are required to be closed or quarantined.

Safety & Wellbeing

  • Our Global Executive Committee [“GEC”] liaises regularly with MDD’s leadership throughout the world, and the overall response is being overseen and coordinated by MDD International Limited’s Global Managing Partner.
  • Given that each of our territories is being impacted quite differently, local leadership is coordinating the response most appropriate to that specific office’s circumstances.
  • The actions that have been or will be undertaken cover a broad spectrum of responses including, but not limited to, the following:
    • Issuing a global communication to all employees addressing basic common sense approaches related to avoiding and or reducing the chances of spreading the virus.
    • Separating office personnel into different teams, with no physical contact between team members.
    • Transition employees and partners to working remotely when/where deemed necessary.
    • Restricting non-essential travel and encouraging use of electronic meeting and collaboration platforms [e.g. Skype, Teams, etc.].
    • Where advisable and permissible, temperature screening and requesting travel declarations from visitors to certain offices when/where necessary.

Tested Business Continuity

Our plan focuses on the following key categories:

  • Human Capital – Welfare, emergency contacts, dependability/stability, etc.
  • Technology – Remote access, electronic meeting capabilities, etc.
  • Finance – Continuity of employee payroll, time and billing systems, banking, etc.

Any deficiencies identified related to this specific COVID-19 event were extremely minor and addressed immediately.

In the unlikely event that our employees are unable to access their office:

  • Both professional staff and administration team members are capable of working remotely.
  • Given our breadth of resources on a global basis, it is anticipated that non-impacted individuals can be transitioned into existing projects in the unlikely event specific individuals became incapacitated.


Should you have more specific questions regarding MDD’s ability to handle your existing or new projects, please do not hesitate to reach out to your regular client service contacts at MDD or any of the following Member leaders:

MDD Global
Paul A. McGowan, Jr. – pmcgowan@mdd.com – +1-617-549-9990

United States
Kevin Flaherty – kflaherty@mdd.com – +1-617-549-9991

Brad Ebel – bebel@mdd.com – +1-647-404-4968

Latin America
Marcelo Fazio – mfazio@mdd.com – +1 954-907-4353

Europe and UK
Flemming Jensen – fjensen@mdd.com – +44 7711 416 462

Phillip Taylor – ptaylor@mdd.com – +65 9128 3283

Chris Ehlers – cehlers@mdd.com – +61 478 647 778

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