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Opened by forensic accountant Peter Karutz in 1987, MDD’s St. Louis office provides a full range of forensic and investigative accounting services to St. Louis and Kansas City’s attorneys. We also have extensive international experience and have managed files around the world. Contact the St. Louis office today at 314.469.7445.

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Litigation Support & Expert Witness Testimony

We provide extensive litigation support services and expert reports on matters such as:

• Complex Financial Disputes
• Economic Damages
• Business Valuations
• Personal Injury/Wrongful Death
• Family Law
• Assisting Legal Counsel in every phase of the litigation process from pre-litigation settlement discussions, discovery and trial testimony

Specialists in Intellectual Property Matters

We have the training and experience required to accurately assess the economic damages associated with disputes related to patent infringement, trade secrets, trademark damages and copyright infringement.

Cyber Risk Experience

Cyber exposures are on the increase, as businesses become more reliant on the internet and networking technologies to conduct business and interact with the outside world. The team at MDD are extremely proficient in measuring and verifying losses in cyber claims.

Local Experts with Global Resources

Founded in 1933, MDD is a leading forensic accounting firm with experts who have worked in more than 130 countries and across 800 industries. We regularly work with law firms, government entities, multi-national corporations, small

businesses, insurance companies and independent adjustment firms by providing independent economic assessments that stand up to scrutiny.

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